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237 Pentonville Rd
London N1 9NG

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our team

We work as a collective to make things happen


About UsWelcome! We are SPH Structures. We have drawn on extensive design and expertise within the London refurb and new build market to establish the firm. We are a young engineering firm, in personnel and history, but we aim to surround ourselves with the right people so that as a collective we can encourage, learn and build from each other to be the best engineers we can be! We are design engineers first and foremost (geeks a close second).

We love our projects, but its our interaction and relationship with people that makes everything worthwhile.

Being able to guide someone through their first loft conversion or rear extension, to sitting down on a multi-million pound development and being able to have a positive contribution in both a technical and practical sense – that’s kinda cool.


Sean Hanlon

Director, Founder & Engineer

A Brummie born and bred with various stints around the UK including the North-West and Wales but now based in London since 2012. Has been described as having an ‘infectious optimism’ by past colleagues - which we we’re taking as something good right?


Associate Engineer

Katarina joined coming off a wealth of experience on site in design offices within Africa and Europe. Her first interview lasted two hours because we both got gassing away for too long, only for her follow up interview to end the same way. Better hire someone if you get on that well. She's class. We're big fans.


Where we areWe work at Ark Coworking. It’s a proper community, there’s a coworking bit next door with every business start-up you can imagine with people making that leap and doing it for themselves. We’re surrounded by what seems like mostly film producers or mens magazine people upstairs at the minute, a few charities, people writing their thesis and everyone in between. Needless to say we get our ears bent for the odd bit of advice here and there but it’s really nice being in an environment that isn’t just engineering and everyone is pushing and striving to make their own work come to life - that’s really cool.

Office Address
237 Pentonville Road
London N1 9NG

Registered Address
Suite 111, 48/48a
Eaglewhard Road, London, N1 7ED